A childhood memory……

This flavor which we had consumed during our childhood offers nature-identical aromas of kiwi, banana, strawberry, orange and lemon in a combination. The use of natural coloring agents give opportunity of consuming of this product by our children in safety.

Product Information
Product Name: Fruit Flavoured
Quantity Weight: 350 g

Product Barcode


Package Barcode


Units per Package: 14

Package Weight -Net-: 4,90

Package Weight -Gross-: 6,40

Package Dimensions: 260x380x175

Quantity of Package in Pallets: 64

Pallet Weight -Net-: 313,60

Pallet Weight -Gross-: 427,60

Quantity Weight: 3000 g

Package Barcode


Package Weight -Net-: 3,0

Package Weight -Gross-: 3,275

Package Dimensions: 81x475x273

Quantity of Package in Pallets: 120

Pallet Weight -Net-: 360

Pallet Weight -Gross-: 474

Pallet Dimensions: 80x12x135