İkbal Kuruluş

Salim Usta, the fouder of İkbal, started a small restaurant with his brothers called “Zümrüt” in his hometown of Afyon in 1922. Salim Usta’s cuisine and this restaurant’s reputation gained prominence with every passing day.

When the news came that Atatürk was going to visit Afyon in 1934, preparations were begun as to where, how and which manner he would be entertained. Ahmet Evrendilek, the governor of the era, discussed the issue with Bekir Evrenkaya, the first secretary of the province. Evrenkaya suggested that Ata could be entertained in a vineyard house in the village of Balkaracaören and the food prepared by Salim Usta, son of Mustafa Pancar, the head of the village.

The message was sent. Salim Ustameticulously planned a lavish menü for Atatürk so pleased was Atatürk the food and the diinning arrangements that he called Salim Usta, listened to his story, and ask him the name of his restaurant. Then he tols him “ if you continue like this, you have a bright future ahead of you.” Atatürk also told him to change the name of the restaurant to “ İKBAL “ , which means prosperity. The new İkbal sign was up befor the Pasha left Afyon.