İkbal Grubu

Begun as a modest Anatolian restaurant in Afyon in 1922, İKBAL remains a trusted name in quality, good  taste and honesty today.

İKBAL has become a sought-after and trusted brand with traditionally- flavoured products, especially in “sucuk” and “ pastirma”. Roadside Rest Facilities were launched in 1989 with LOKUM and meat production facilities beginning operations in the early 1990s.

İKBAL entered the big cities in 2000s and thus become the largest local restaurant in Turkey with restaurants opening one after the other.  “The İkbal Thermal Hotel” opening during the same period providing its services to our community and contrubuting to thermal tourism in Turkey.

İKBAL has complete its corporate development and transformation process to move forward with its targets and turned into one of the companies with the most modern production equipment in Turkey. Having strenghened its production line with an experienced workforce from the industry, İKBAL offers sausage, salami and other processed meat products as well as soudjouck to enthusiast. It has completed investments to bring its traditionally-flavoured products to ever corner to Turkey by boosting the Lokum and confectionery unit.

Today İKBAL steadily strive to achieve new objectives. After modernizing its organizational structure and production facilities, İKBAL still endevaours to provide the best service with 6 District Office, logistic infrastructure and over 50 dealers and continue service in sweatments group have been exported more than 20 countries.

The franchising field continues to florish as well. Our target is,  27 the number of franshise rastaurant will be 40 at the end of 2013, specially in shopping centres  İkbal focus on growth  about stew.

We cherish the right to have healthy diet and our motto. “ We appreciate the value of people “ is a cornerstone of our production. All stages of production are performed meticulously and quality standarts are endorsed by ISO, BRC, TSE Halal and HACCP  certifications.

The brand development process continues to contribute to economy with investments in restaurants, roadside rest facilities, retail meat products, and a thermal hotel. A giant outlet and entertainment centre opened its doors in June 2010 in a 75.000m2 area.

İkbal, the leading brand of the soudjouck in internal market, is proud of the sweatment factory, state of the art factory, became oparetional in 2013, in 15.000 m2 field .

We believe that quality comes from the responsibility we holds towards indivisuals, society and morality in general. İKBAL Food brings a new “people-oriented” approach to quality in Turkey.

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