Lokumun Tarihçesi

Lokum is a Turkish dessert made by using water, sugar and starch. Lokum is natural and healthy nutritional source and it has so many benefit. For example; rich in protein  food, after comsumed burned  so come out effluence like ure, uric asit and creatinin. These effluences can not eliminated from the body for kidney patients. Delight / delight with vanilla is source of carbohydrate. Suggested for kidney patients.  Also it has known that delight used for medical purpose in the villages.

Lokum, derived from “rahat ul-hakim” mean  relax the throat in Ottoman Turkish, known since 15 th century in Anatolia and specially became widespread in Ottoman Empire in 17 th century.  As for Europe, Lokum had been known as Turkish Delight since 18th century.  Previously Lokum used with honey, molasses and flour, in 17th century, its taste and production process changed with found of refined sugar and specially starch.


Turkish delight is natural and nutrient supply and it is known that has lots of benefits to health.


Taste of Turkish Delight leaves sweet signs on your palate.


Pleasant moments with you by the taste of turkish delight which is an essential part of our traditional culture.


Turkish delight , which exists from ottoman to todays, reaches the whole world with Ikbal Sekerleme